Hi, I'm Heather!

I Transform Lives - and yours can be one of them.

You could say I'm a Coach meets Healer meets Therapist meets Business Strategist.

I've accumulated a unique and powerful combination of talents, passions and life experiences - all of which I share with my clients and bring to my work helping my clients live Tremendous lives they 100% LOVE!


  • I love transforming lives. 

     Seeing people move from stuck, miserable, depressed and uninspired to alive, fully connected, healthy, happy
     and in love with their world
 is why I exist.


  • Exceptional Coaching
    We jump right in, get to the core of your blocks and make a plan to get you moving into your new reality in our very first session. Each task I assign lets you drop some major old habit or baggage and we create new, easy supportive habits in their place. New habits and thoughts create a new YOU beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Deep Listening (beyond the words...)
    I hear what you say out loud - and also what is underneath, things you're not saying, even the stuff you might not be aware of.... (PS this is KEY to making next level changes)
  • Personal Communication
    I show you what you are hiding from and what you're not seeing - In Your Language and in terms that matter to YOU. You then understand your unconscious blocks deeply and see how you are able to make a change Now.
  • Intuition 
    My secret weapon - I use all my senses to tap in and truly feel where you are coming from, what is challenging you, and how we can make it most fun, easy and FAST for you to let all that go and emerge into 100% LOVE.


  • Celebrity & CEO Management
    Working directly with CEOs and Celebrities, I know what it takes to be at the top - the habits and ways of thinking are drastically different than most people.
  • Musician & Actor - Arts run through my blood ~ I've played Carnegie Hall, so some would say I've made it!
    Music taught me to deeply hear tones, emotions, and the depth of silence.
    As a trained actor, I deeply understand human drives, motivations and stories (and how to transform them).
  • Holistic Healer - A certified BodyTalk practitioner, I communicate with my intuition on a deeper level than I ever thought possible. Dramatic and deep healing of myself, family, friends and clients comes about thanks to integrating intuition and easy healing.
  • English Major - Upon mastering the language, I also realized it's true limitations - yet continue to marvel at its beauty and expertly use it to connect with people in a deeper, profound way.

In a nutshell, that's me & where I come from. Of course, since I'm a human being, there is SO much more!

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