As my business grew, I had less and less time. I felt stagnant and overwhelmed.

Heather has helped me and my business completely transform. My life feels light and clear and in alignment with what I desire for myself and my business. Since the transformation, work has continued to get easier and there has been a noticeable new flow in my business. 

I am so grateful and I know without Heather’s support I would still be overwhelmed and not understanding why I didn't feel a flow.

— Charu Morgan
CEO and Founder ~ Embody Tantra

After working with Heather, there was a new flow in almost every aspect of my life and a seemingly inevitable domino effect began.....I shed weight, found the love of my life, my career was launched to another level, and now live in the home of my dreams! Heather was a nurturing, understanding, patient and persistent instigator for me to take steps forward in my life.

— Sarah Nichols
Actress & Model

Things are going so much more smoothly since Heather pushed me to get a personal assistant as well as to bring in someone to help on projects for my business.

Heather - I can’t thank you enough for your help, and I only wish I’d called you sooner.

—  Joe Garrett
Principal - Garrett, McAuley & Co.
Former Bank CEO

I am BLESSED to have a kind, caring, NON-judgmental soul to help me with this process! LUCKY ME!!! Really.. even my best friends judge me. But not you, Heather! I am ever so grateful for that!!”

— Laura Hoover
Seamstress Extraordinaire